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Critical Thinking, Step by Step

Chapter Titles:

Table of Contents
Pt. 1Analysis of Reasoning
Ch. 1Short, Simple Reasoning3
Ch. 2.Longer, More Complex Discourses17
Pt. 2Evaluation of Reasoning
Ch. 3 Basic Concepts of Evaluation 39
Ch. 4Degrees of Support Reasons Give to Conclusions53
Ch. 5Critical Life Decisions: Complete Evaluation of Reasoning71
Ch. 6Syllogistic Logic83
Ch. 7Reasoning with Statements101
Ch. 8Moderate to Fallacious Argument111
Pt. 3Evaluating Unsupported Beliefs
Ch. 9Justification, Paradigms, and Reasoning131
Ch. 10Seeing, Reasoning and Scientific Justification149
Ch. 11Justification in Law161
Ch. 12Philosophical Dialectic and High Justification171
Ch. 13Religion and Science185
Ch. 14Pseudoscience as Unjustified Statements205
Ch. 15The United States and the Global Corporate Economy231
App. ISummary of Logical Evaluation Concepts255
App. IIChecklist for Statement Evaluation259
Exercises 281